• What We Do

    Neural-Muscular-Skeletal Simulation

    Inside Human

    To augment human functionality, we need to understand, at least, how humans move.

    Next-generation Wearable Technology

    Outside Human

    What humans cannot do, make a tool. This makes a human different from the rest.

  • Selected Publications


    ACM CHI 2020

    By Hechuan

    Upper Body

    Soft Robotics 2020

    By Zhiyong

    C3 Colorization

    TVCG 2021

    By Yubin

    VR Insole

    ISMAR 2019

    By Xinyu

  • Full Paper List

    • Fengyi Fang , Hongwei Zhang , Lishuang Zhan , Shihui Guo* , Minying Zhang , Juncong Lin , Yipeng Qin , Hongbo Fu, Handwriting Velcro: Endowing AR Glasses with Personalized and Posture-adaptive Text Input Using Flexible Touch Sensor, Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT), Volume 6, Issue 4, 2022.(通讯作者,CCF-A类会议/期刊)
    • Chaofeng Chen, Xinyu Shi, Yipeng Qin, Xiaoming Li, Xiaoguang Han, Tao Yang, Shihui Guo*, Blind Image Super Resolution with Semantic-Aware Quantized Texture Prior, ACM Multimedia, 2022(通讯作者,CCF-A类会议)
    • Shihui Guo, Yubin Shi, Pintong Xiao, Yinan Fu, Juncong Lin, Wei Zeng, Tong-Yee Lee, Creative and Progressive Interior Color Design with Eye-tracked User Preference, ACM Transactions on Computer Human Interaction (TOCHI), 2022 (第一作者,CCF-A类期刊)
    • Juncong Lin, Pintong Xiao, Yinan Fu, Yubin Shi, Hongran Wang, Shihui Guo*, Ying He, Tong-Yee Lee, C3 Assignment: Camera CubeMap Color Assignment for Creative Interior Design, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2021 (通讯作者,CCF-A类期刊,中科院一区)
    • Hechuan Zhang, Zhiyong Chen, Shihui Guo*, Juncong Lin, Yating Shi, Xiangyang Liu, Yong Ma, Sensocks: 3D Foot Reconstruction with Soft Stretchable Sensors, ACM CHI '20: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (通讯作者,CCF-A类会议).
    • Zhiyong Chen, Ronghui Wu, Shihui Guo*, Xiangyang Liu, Hongbo Fu, Xiaogang Jin, Minghong Liao, 3D Upper Body Reconstruction with Sparse Soft Sensors[J]. Soft Robotics, 2020.(通讯作者,中科院一区、top期刊)
    • Xing Gao, Xu Wu, Panpan Xu, Shihui Guo*, Minghong Liao, Wenceng Wang, Semi-supervised Texture Filtering with Shallow to Deep Understanding [J].IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2020.(通讯作者,CCF-A类期刊论文,中科院一区)
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    • Xiaoyan Cao#, Shihui Guo#, Juncong Lin, Wenshu Zhang, Minghong Liao. Online tracking of ants based on deep association metrics: method, dataset and evaluation[J]. Pattern Recognition, 2020, 103: 107233. (通讯作者,CCF-B类期刊论文、中科院一区期刊)
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    • Xinyu Shi, Junjun Pan, Zeyong Hu, Juncong Lin, Shihui Guo*, Minghong Liao, Ye Pan, Ligang Liu, Accurate and Fast Classification of Foot Gestures for Virtual Locomotion, International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2019. (通讯作者,CCF-B类会议)
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