• What is Human+

    Make a Better Human

    Improve human functionality

    Faster, Stronger, Better

    Human+ is a research group based in Xiamen University, China, led by Dr. Shihui Guo. We develop novel wearable systems and methods to boost the wellbeing for common people.

  • Breaking News from Us

    A Big Step For Us, A Small Step For Human

    One paper accepted in ACM MM 2022/7

    Our work "Blind Image Super Resolution with Semantic-Aware Quantized Texture Prior" is accepted to ACM Multimedia.

    One paper accepted in ACM ToCHI 2022/6

    Our work "Creative and Progressive Interior Color Design with Eye-tracked User Preference" is accepted to ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction.

    One paper accepted in IEEE TVCG 2021/12

    Our work "C3 Assignment: Camera CubeMap Color Assignment for Creative Interior Design" is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphic.

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